The Science Behind Renewing Your Mind

rewire-brainScripture tells us that we don’t simply put on a new behavior, we must first change the thinking behind that behavior, or renew our minds. We rewire our brains with each choice we make.
Jesus told us that His words are and bring life. We lay down a new neuron on our brain every time we have a new thought; thus, Jesus’ words are actually laid down on our brain every time we read them. Whether they stay there and produce life change or not is up to us and our choices.
We strengthen that neuron when we memorize and mediate on that truth/thought throughout our day. We further strengthen that neuron when we choose to act upon His words, as it sends out tentacles, if you will, further into our brains. With each succeeding choice, we make obeying Jesus easier the next time we have to choose to follow Jesus in that area of our lives. The continual strengthening of that truth thought finally produces life change, meaning our reactions to that situation will automatically be what Jesus wants. Our brains will have been renewed in that area.
The challenge to this is that it works in reverse as well. Each time you choose not to act upon the truth in your head, you weaken it; thus, making each succeeding choice to follow Jesus even harder in that area of life.
Each choice to follow Jesus strengthens the truth in your head, which makes it easier to choose to follow Jesus the next time. Ever wonder why Jesus said the truth will set you free? This truth is also true in reverse as well. Ever wonder why you hear me say that lies put us into bondage?
Life change all starts with reading Scripture and listening to Jesus! Each time we choose to exercise the truth today we actually make it easier on ourselves to choose to follow Him tomorrow all the way to Christ-like character change!
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