A Painful Reminder

lesson learnedI sit here typing this entry with a literal painful reminder of a recently reinforced lesson. I love to surf and desire to get out every opportunity that presents itself, which isn’t too often these days. I recently was given a board that fits me perfectly due to my infrequent opportunities and current shoulder issues.
I was presented this past Friday night with a chance to surf with my son and his friend. I jumped at the opportunity. We checked the surf report and prepared for our way too early morning departure. Problem. I never asked the Lord about it.
The reason this is important is that He’s been trying to teach me: My schedule isn’t mine. It’s His. I need to retrain my brain as my drug of choice is to control my schedule by choosing what does and doesn’t go on it and in what order items get done.
I was given a fresh reminder of why His way is better than mine two days prior. I was given “divine appointments” to minister on His behalf because I was in the right place at the right time. This only happened because I let Him set my day’s agenda.
Well, I paid a price for this lesson reinforcement. Lets just say that the waves were a little too big. I lasted about an hour and half in the water, even though it took almost that long just to get to the beach! I paddled more than I surfed. Broke my leash and had to swim over 50 long exhausting yards through several crashing waves to get by board.
As I sat on shore, shoulder throbbing and pride bruised, I just smiled. “Lord, I get it.” He lovingly reinforced “it” all the way home until my friends Ibuprofen kicked in. Yeah, I’m still a little sore, but if it helps me to remember what He’s teaching me, it’s worth every ache. I thank Jesus for the truth: never give up yourself as He won’t. It takes time retrain the brain (aka renew the mind). Praise Jesus that He gives us this time.
It was a painful reminder, as all bad choices bring pain. But one I hopefully remember tonight when I…oops…He lays out my schedule for tomorrow.
Set Free No“W”ww

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