Goodness Over Greatness Anytime

Goodness-of-GodI heard a very thought provoking statement the other day. “The world has enough greatness, but not enough goodness.” In our search to find meaning in life, we often forget that goodness spreads faster than greatness.
We seek the impossible. We want the miracle. We desire the visible power of God. Okay, sure. Want to know what will make a bigger difference? Doing good. Only Jesus is truly good. As we let Him transform our lives with each decision, with the next choice, and follow Him, our actions will be good – every day, normal, vanilla good.
Think about that for a minute though. With all the evil we’re seeing in our world, what would happen if we all followed Jesus to let Him shine each day, how much good could be done to over come that evil? Remember, it was Jesus who said that the gates of hell can’t withstand the onslaught of Him making more and healthier disciples.
We see our brothers and sisters throughout the Middle East being murdered. You might be thinking, “What can little old me do?” Maybe nothing and therefore you’ll do nothing because you don’t feel you can do anything about it.
Wrong, we can do the good thing each day by listening to Jesus and following. And if enough of us who call ourselves believers in Jesus Christ choose every day goodness over a one time act of greatness, can you imagine the difference we could make in the battle against evil?
Doing the great thing, well, it kind of depends on too many circumstances. Yet, I can do the good thing each moment of today because of who lives within and empowers me – Jesus. Frankly, I’ll choose goodness over greatness anytime. How about you?
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2 thoughts on “Goodness Over Greatness Anytime

    • Yes, it is true that only God can be truly good. Yet I believe Jesus prooved that He is both fully man and fully God. It is historically accurate to say that He was born and lived in a real time zip code on earth in a nation called Israel. It is also historically accurate to say that He died and rose from the grave, just as He said He would do, which also prooves He is God and good. He did what He promised to do, which good people do.

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