You Need Rain

rainLet’s continue with last entry’s thought on the story Jesus told of the seed and four soils. In them, Jesus never mentions water. Yet, the seed can only go so far without water, no matter what soil it’s planted in.
I’ve seen this truth in action in the wheat fields close to my home. The early rains allow the seed to initially grow. Right now, I can see plenty of green stems and leaves over some 200+ acres. This initial rain, however, will only go so far. If these fields don’t get another dousing, this growth becomes stunted. The seed will not bear fruit as the head containing the wheat kernels isn’t produced. This farmer isn’t irrigating his fields. He is totally dependent on nature’s rain, a source outside himself, as his water source. This is called dry-land farming.
This story has tremendous power for a healthy Jesus disciple. You absolutely, positively need the seed. No seed means no fruit. But the story doesn’t stop there. You’ll also bear no fruit if you don’t get help from a source outside yourself. We need the watering of the Holy Spirit and other believers (1 Cor. 3:6 – Apollos watered, but God caused the growth).
You can’t become more like Jesus without the Word of God, the Spirit of God and the people of God. Prayerfully, you’re planting and being with the Word of God throughout your day. Please, don’t stop there. Ask to be watered! Ask the Spirit to empower you to make Christ-like decisions wherever you are (Gal. 5:25). Be ready to pray for or receive prayer from other believers (James 5:16) no matter the time of day.
We must have the seed, the right soil (surrendered heart focused on Jesus), and a source of water if we want to become like Jesus. If you don’t have a fellow believer ready to and already praying for you, may I suggest you download a BIG card in the Resources tab and get started? I speak fresh from victory this past week because of the prayers of my wife and my Bible Impact partners. I needed their “raining” prayers and so do you.
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