Harder, is Not Easier, Only Better

imageIf this picture was taken any where other than where it was, it would be quite interesting. Yet, it really made my blood boil, much like Jesus’ did when He cleared the Temple.
Solomon built the Temple with a sacrificial altar in Jerusalem and one small replica of that Temple pictured here in Arad, in the southern Negev. Aaronic priests oversaw sacrifices in both places. Yet, God told the Israelites to have only one sacrificial altar and it was to be only where He told them to put it, which eventually was Jerusalem. It was Jerusalem only, not Arad nor any where else for that matter.
The Father was setting the stage for the day Jesus would show up for every Jewish male to see. He was to be the last and final sacrifice for sin and to rise from the dead to give eternal life, now and forever. You see, every Jewish man had to go to Jerusalem three times a year – Passover/Firstfruits being one of them. Yet if they had an altar in their home town, why make the long (it took weeks for some) round trip journey to Jerusalem?
They would have missed seeing Jesus die on Passover and rise again on Firstfruits if they were sacrificing in Arad and not Jerusalem. Think about it. If a person was sacrificing here in Arad, what if Jesus had come during Solomon’s time in Jerusalem? They would have missed the biggest event in human history!
Jesus was ticked when He cleared the Temple because it kept non-Jewish people from connecting with God. If you sacrificed in Arad, you would have missed seeing Jesus connecting you with the Father in Jerusalem!
My friends, to miss Jesus is to miss everything, no matter how religious you are. Jesus said He is The way, The Truth and The life. Satan, the great counterfeiter, will get within a razor’s edge of the original to destroy those who want religion, but still have it their way.
One must seek to know the real deal and there is only one way to know Him – His! “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” You can’t see Jesus your way. You can’t see your life changed your way either. The only way to know Jesus and His way is to hear Jesus in His Word and to follow Him throughout your day to stay on The path, especially when it seems harder.
You’ve got to know the Word of God, Jesus, by knowing the Word of God. As you do, you’ll see and experience Jesus for yourself.
S”E“t Free Nowww

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