Faith Leads to Freedom

imageThis is a wonderful view from the city of Kefar Nachum (Capernaum) of the Sea of Galilee. This city is on the border of two tribes, Naphtali and Zebulun, west of the Jordan River. The significance of this is that Isaiah 9 says this is exactly where Jesus would call home.
And, even though it was in the land of Israel, Isaiah said it would be called the Galilee of the Gentiles. How was that possible? When Jesus came to live in Kephar Nachum, a major East-West trade route ran through this city, from which the Romans collected taxes. This meant the Romans would spill much blood to keep control of this area, which often made the Jewish residents feel like slaves. Again, Isaiah 9 said it would happen just like it happened.
It was during this dark time that a great light shone bright as Jesus did a large portion of His miracles not only in this city, but region as well. Jesus brought light and comfort to a hurting people (Kephar Nachum means village of comfort by the way).
Because the people of this area shut out the light, rejected the freedom and closed off the comfort He brought, Jesus put a curse on this town along with two others in the area.
Twelve men, who fished these waters, did just the opposite though. They left to listen to and follow Jesus where the vast majority, who shut out that light, did not.
It isn’t miracles that produces faith. It’s faith in the Word of God Himself, Jesus, which begins the miracle of a transformed life. The Twelve knew the Scriptures – the who, where, when and the how of the Messiah. They recognized Jesus was the Messiah when He called them to leave their families, their way of life and their careers to follow Him to become fishers of men. They not only saw their own lives changed when they took that faith step, but they also saw generations of lives changed as well.
Faith steps of actions transform lives. What faith based action steps is Jesus, the Word of God, asking you to take today? Do them and your life will begin to change forever for generations to come!
Set Fre”E” Nowww

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