Rock Solid Security

imageThis is Atilt, a detention center for Jews caught trying to enter Palestine, as it was called between 135 and 1948, illegally. How could it be illegal for Jews to enter their God given homeland?
Let’s take a step back. Jesus said that Jerusalem would be destroyed. He also said the Jewish people would be scattered to the four winds of the earth. Both took place in 70 and 135 AD when Rome changed Israel’s name to Palestine.
Now, fast forward to the late 1800’s. Theodore Herzl, an Austrian Jew, started the Zionist movement – the desire to restart a Jewish homeland in Israel. Did the Jewish people answer this call? No. Palestine at that time was a swamp filled backwater piece of real estate. Jews at that time found their security in their home countries, comforts and cultures rather than listening to and following the God of their fathers.
Move the clock forward to 1917. World War I ends with Palestine’s then rulers, the Ottoman Empire, losing control to Britain, who declared that all Jews could return home to form the new state of Israel. Did they? No. Again, the Jews found their security in country, comfort and culture rather than in listening to their God.
Seventeen years later, the Jew’s worst nightmare rose to power, Hitler; but it was too late. They couldn’t get out of Eastern Europe! Western Europe, North and South America, as well as British controlled Palestine had strict immigration polices that allowed very few Jews to enter their countries. Thus, millions were stuck with eventually six million dying in the Holocaust. Why? This is the controversial part – they found security in their home country, their culture and the comforts of both, rather than doing what God told them to do, which was to return home.
After the war, with even stricter immigration policies in place, hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees, with literally no place to go, tried to enter Palestine, were caught and detained in this camp.
The lesson for us all is: on what are you basing your security? Do you think you’ll be safe by having the “right” government and polices? As long as you stay within your comfort zone, you’ll be okay? If only you could have the finer things in life, you’d feel good about yourself? Wrong, wrong, and wrong again.
Faith in Jesus alone gives us the right to become secure children of God (Jn. 1:12). As a secure children of God, where are you turning for security? Your drugs of choice will only leave you in life’s detention center. Only by acting upon the truths from the Word of God, Jesus, can you enter the promised land of freedom and security.
Governments change. Culture shifts. Comfort zones shrink. Jesus is the rock, the only One who can bring security in an ever changing insecure world. Listen to and follow Him every day through out your day and you’ll all find the security you’re looking for this side of home.
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