Fruit Is Meant to Be Eaten…by Others!

imageThis is a picture of the tombs at Korsi where Jesus set free two naked, chained and demon filled men, who had produced such fear in the town’s people that they wouldn’t walk by this place (Matthew 8).
When you read the story in Luke 8, however, only one man is mentioned. What’s up, is the Bible contradictory? No, way! One simply has to look at the greater context in order to understand what’s happening. The context of this guy’s Jesus story is the parable of the seed, the Word of God – Jesus, and four types of soil (Luke 8:1-15). We see the seed planted in one man’s life, with no results or hard soil, as he is no where to be found. We see the seed planted in the town’s people who literally told Jesus to hit the road, again bad soil.
Then we see Luke’s guy at the feet of Jesus wanting to stay with and travel with Jesus. His life was obviously changed. Before he was naked, chained and out of his mind. Now he was dressed, sitting calmly at Jesus’ feet and in his right mind. Seed went into good soil and produced good fruit.
This guy obviously wanted to hang out with Jesus. Instead, he was told to go share his Jesus story with his family. Fruit is produced when Jesus, the seed, is planted in good soil. Yet, fruit is never eaten by the tree! It’s picked and eaten by someone else. Fruit rots and falls uselessly to the ground if it fruit stays on tree.
As we let Jesus change our life, the fruit that is produced is to be used in other people’s lives, not just our own. Jesus told this guy he couldn’t hang with Him. Instead, he was told to go share what Jesus had done for him; thus, multiplying the seed!
Healthy believers in Jesus experience Him change their lives and than ask, “Lord, who do want me to share it with?” Are you healthy?
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