Sometimes You Gotta Dig

gold-panningGold can be picked out of the stream. With a little more effort, it can be panned out as well. Once the easy pickings are gone, however, you have to start digging to find the precious metal. This takes a tremendous amount of hard work, but your efforts will be rewarded quite handsomely if you do.
It’s the same with life change. Jesus isn’t interesting in changing our behaviors. He’s interested in getting rid of our old self/flesh that causes those behaviors so He cab transform us into His image, which produces daily Christlike behaviors. Sometimes this can be easily done; while at other times, it requires a little digging to find the lies that are buried deep within us.
The Spirit of God knows exactly what He’s doing when it comes to producing life change. He knows what lies are shallow and which ones need a little digging. When He asks you to slow down and quiet your heart before Him, do it. Freedom is worth the effort.
It may take time, but trust Him. He knows what He’s doing.
Set Free Now“W”w

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