Derailed by Disney

derailedThis particular counselor called it the “Prince Charming Affect.” It is the woman who has watched one too many Disney movies where some prince/hero is rich, handsome and out of pure love, rescues the damsel in distress. “The problem with this is that nobody can magically make your life be happily ever after.”
This counsel is picture perfect for two reasons. You’ve effectively given control of your happiness/joy/peace/love to someone else if you’re dependent on what they do or don’t do. They will fail. They will break promises, even unintentionally. Who is the only person you can depend on to make your life satisfying and fulfilled? Jesus. As you choose to listen to and follow Him, He’ll keep His promises of peace and joy. He is the only One who can deliver it.
This advise is excellent on another level as well. Where do you get your expectations from – a movie or Scripture? I hate to break it to you, but Prince Charming is a fictional character. He is not real! Thus, if your expectations are based upon something that is not real or doesn’t exist, you’ll always be disappointed with those around you, yourself and your future.
Stay in and with the Word of God, Jesus. He is real and does exist. He makes promises that you can base your today and future on. Only He can bring you a peace that will blow your mind (Phil. 4:4-7).
Do two things today if you’re feeling disappointed and disillusioned. One, filter your expectations through the FREEdom process. Only the ones that line up with Scripture will come true, the rest lead to disillusionment. Two, take your relationships through the FREEdom process as well. Whoever you’re depending upon to feel good about yourself has control of your life. If not Jesus, it’s time to exchange that person with Jesus, the only one worth listening to and following for security and fulfillment.
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