Where’s Happiness Today?

happinessHappiness. Everyone is looking for it, but does anyone really know what it means?
For some to achieve happiness for themselves, they have to cause others tremendous pain or unhappiness. What makes some happy today might not make them happy tomorrow. Thus, the search for happiness starts all over again with each sunrise or sunset.
If happiness is your goal, how do you ever make decisions? It’s going to get quite exhausting if your basis for decision making changes with the ever changing definition of happiness.
Here is where Jesus comes to the rescue. You can be “happy” regardless of your ever changing circumstances as you learn how to better hear Jesus in the Word and in daily life. When you trust Him to know what you need and then only turn to Him to meet that need with each decision, your decision making process becomes quiet simple. Regardless of what that decision will be, you’ll be happy today!
“S”et Free Nowww

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