Prayer to Power Forward

power forwardI woke up the other day with this phrase ringing in my ears, “It takes more faith, strength and courage to change direction than it does to go with the flow.” I had to write it down because it’s so true.
If we want to see our lives changed, to experience more peace, and to draw closer to the One we say we love, it’s going to take a huge increase in faith, strength and courage. Do I really believe it’s worth the effort to against what I’ve been thinking or doing for years? Do I have the strength to filter out the old thinking that caused the flow in the first place? Then will I have the courage to take the necessary steps if I have both?
This is where prayer enters the scene. “Lord increase our faith to believe life change is worth both the time and effort it will take! Give us the power that rose You from the grave to change our thinking. And then increase our courage to do what we know to be true.”
This is my prayer for you. Please make it your prayer for me.
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