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waveMy wife and I were hanging out this past weekend doing what we like to do best – being together. We walked along the beach with coffee in hand. We visited a seaside lagoon. We even discovered an orchid farm! We also visited shops with unique items.
In one such shop, we noticed a beautiful wave scene that was on a piece of birch plywood. You could see the wood’s grain through the wonderful curve of the wave. It was quite amazing. We’d been looking for something to put on our living room wall, and this piece would go nicely with our colors. We asked the price. We had the money. Should we buy it? We talked. We got a card from the shop owner.
We then took a walk where I asked, “Lord, should we purchase it?” We are to listen to and follow Jesus every day everywhere, right? I felt Him ask me, “Why do you want to buy it?” After thinking about it, one reason came to mind. I wanted to proove to the shop owner that I could afford their stuff. Wow, that sure smacks of insecurity, doesn’t it? Insecurity leads to poor decisions. Needless to say, we didn’t return to that store.
Want to know something interesting? I asked Jan a couple of days later if she had thought about that picture. Her response? “I hadn’t until you asked.” I guess that picture made that big of an impression on us!
God’s Word works every day; therefore, must we must filter life through it everywhere, even when it’s a simply strolling through a store. It can save you lots of money, as well as buyers remorse!
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