Grow or Die

cocoonI was talking with a friend today about butterflies, one of their favorite subjects, when it hit me. What if a butterfly doesn’t leave the cocoon? Think about it. It has a nice cozy little place in which to hang out where it’s turning into something very beautiful. And yet, if it doesn’t go through the struggle of leaving it’s cozy environment, it will die and be eaten by its enemies.
It’s the same for believers in Jesus. We are God’s masterpieces, just like the beautiful butterfly. We are meant to fly and experience the life God created us for (Eph. 2:10) with each flutter of our wings. We were never saved to stay in the comfort zone of the cocoon.
Jesus came to give you life. He came to transform your life into His image, which comes through exercising the truth by faith even if it’s a struggle. If you choose to stay where you are, you will eventually become bait for your enemy who wants to destroy the life Jesus has for you.
Are you growing or dying? Choose to exercise the truth the Spirit gives you today by faith to experience the flight you were meant to fly.
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