Grace is No Fool’s Joke

child and rainGod told the Israelites that they would enjoy many wonderful things if they listened to and followed Him, one of which would be rain. He also said He would withhold that rain if they didn’t.
Thus, what should the conclusion be if it didn’t rain for one year? Oh, it’s just a dry year. What if it was dry bones for two years? Hey, something’s up. I’m starting to get real hungry. Now, what’s up if the drought went on for 3 years and half years? Hopefully, you’d come to your senses. I must not be listening to and following God.
Israel was staring at idols, which in this case was Baal, the god of the sky and rain. The one true God was trying to get their attention by withholding the rain. All they needed to do was repent, ask forgiveness, start listening and following and the rains would return.
God did His part to get them to return to Him; and yet out of love, He went a step further. He sent Elijah to get their attention (1 Kings 17-18). This is a wonderful picture of grace. God went over and above the call of duty to bring the Israelites back to Himself. He is the source of the good stuff, which in this case was rain for their dusty land and water for their thirsty animals.
God, out of His tremendous love and grace, is pursuing a deeper relationship with us. He brings challenges our way just like He did with the Israelites (Hebrews 12). And like the Israelites, we determine when those challenges will stop. We must decide to get rid of what is between us and Jesus. God’s grace is no April 1st joke. He is that serious about a relationship with you. And, He has and will continue to go to great lengths to draw you closer to Him. Return at the first sight of pain and discomfort, rather than after three and half years!
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