Ready or Not, Here I Come?

bible and newspaperI receive all kinds of newsfeeds from around the world. Most of them have to do with Israel as she is the center of prophecy. Jesus said on the day He rode down Mt. Olivet on a donkey that if the people had only known of His coming on that donkey, they could have saved themselves tremendous heartache. They didn’t; and 35+ years later, Rome destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple (Lk. 19:41-44).
Scripture also gives us information about His 2nd coming – Ezekiel 38+39. Persia, modern Iran, is in the newspapers quite a bit at the moment. Iran is currently smuggling rockets with advanced guided warheads to Hezbollah in Lebanon. These are much more accurate than the ones they shot at Israel in 2006. Right now, the US leaves a warship off the coast of Israel with the capability of shooting down rockets from Iran, not southern Lebanon. Is Israel currently a “land of unwalled villages,” meaning she is pretty much defenseless like Ezekiel 38:11 states? Despite the nuclear treaty Iran is still working out with the US and Europe, the commander of Iran’s Basij Force states that “wiping Israel off the map is not up for negotiation.” Sound like “devising an evil scheme” against Israel to you (Ezekiel 38:10)?
Reading today’s newspapers is like reading the Bible! The Bible is coming true before our very eyes, quite literally. Jesus might return tomorrow or a hundred years from now. Ready or not, He will come. Choose to be ready by simply being in and hanging out with the Word of God, Jesus Himself, so you can filter all your thoughts through Him and His Word throughout your day to experience freedom now and forever.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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