Healing Harsh Words

harsh wordsThe following is an excerpt from a new book my friend is writing. “A deluded mind cannot think its way out of the box it is in. The deluded mind is the problem, so it cannot fix the problem. We must be exposed and shocked out of this delusional state. That explains why Paul used such harsh language when addressing the Galatians.”
Paul called the Galatians “foolish” and “bewitched” (Gal. 3:1). He was basically calling a group of believers, who thought themselves to be very intelligent and spiritual, stupid and dark…to their faces! These believers thought what they were doing was right, when indeed it wasn’t. Through his harsh words, Paul was trying to explode the box that had imprisoned them.
Again, fish don’t know they are wet. You only know what you know when you know it and will act upon what you know. This is sanity. But, what if what you know is wrong, how will you ever know it’s wrong unless a source outside your mind exposes your thinking to be wrong? You can’t!
This is why being in and with the Word of God, Jesus, is so critical to becoming more like Him. This is why being transparent with and allowing other believers to speak into our lives is also very important to the life change process (James 5:16).
We need God’s light to shine into our thinking for us to know whether we’re on the right path or not, no matter how spiritual we might be. Jesus is the only path that will ever bring us what we’re looking for in life. Paul had to resort to shock therapy to get the Galatians to wake up. Hopefully this gentle reminder will do it for you and me.
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