You Just Never Know

impactThe power of words to change a life is tremendous. I was in Israel this past March where I visited Tel Chai, a site where eight Israeli men died in one of many battles for Israel’s independence. After our guide told the site’s story, the 9-year-old son of our group’s leader asked if he could speak. He said, “If those men would have seen what they died for, they would have been very proud of themselves and of the sacrifice they made.” These words touched quite a few lives that day, including my own.
Then I read on Facebook where one person was lamenting the fact that they were not a good this, or a good that. In response, a “friend” wrote, “Good for you for reaching out, but stop beating up yourself. Only perfect person was (is) Jesus, so knock it off:) You will NEVER please everyone–it just doesn’t happen that way…What’s the most important change you want to make?…YOU know and if you want to make those changes, YOU will….You ARE special and you’re a child of God. Don’t ever forget it. P.S. I love ya!” Again lives were touched.
Truthful words, like drops of water on a pond causes ripples across a lake, can travel great distances. The Bible tells us that our words can help others become more like Jesus (Eph. 4:29), which besides people, is the only thing we can take into eternity. Let Jesus use you to help someone become more like Him. It’s so easy, even a 9-year-old can do it.
If we’re not touching lives for eternity, then our lives will be like footprints on the sand washed away by the waves of time.
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