Messes Turned Into Masterpieces

puzzle togetherLet’s not leave Firstfruits/Resurrection Day (aka Easter) so quickly. Yesterday we celebrated the fact that Jesus rose from the grave on the “appointed day” God set out in Scripture. It was on this day that we gain the hope that the second death will never touch us and quite possibly the first death as well.
Yet, we must die to ourselves every day. We must choose to die to the area(s) in which the Spirit is convicting us. As we do and choose to exercise the truth by faith in the Spirit’s power, we will experience the freedom and victory over death that Jesus promises.
I love what one author said, “What an amazingly loving and sovereign God we have! He turns our messy life into a masterpiece work of art as we let Him do the work in and around us.” Turning the messes into masterpieces starts with surrendering that area to the FREEdom process. What will your begin and/or continue to surrender to Jesus today?
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