Progress not Complacency

progressHow much joy do you want to know? Process out the lies/sin to draw nearer to Jesus. How much peace do you want to experience? Filter out the lies/sin to become more like Jesus. How much love do you want to feel? Process out the lies/sin to let His love pour out through your very pores.
Processing daily life with its decisions means making progress toward Jesus. The FREEdom process is the biblical tool to get at the root of the sinful action – the lie – in order to get rid of it, replace it with the truths from God’s Word and then act on those truths by faith and in the Spirit’s power. As you continually practice this process, your life will change; and, you will experience more joy, more peace and more love, all of which are found in Jesus’ presence.
Processing daily life doesn’t mean staying in the midst of the sinful behavior that’s wiping the smile off your face, destroying the peace in your mind and blocking the love from flowing out of your heart. No, use the FREEdom Christ gave you (Gal. 5:1) to go forward in order to know more of Jesus and what He offers – true life today and for eternity – in your every day life.
Set FREE Nowww

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