Oh Not That One!

drugs of choiceCome on, cookie dough? Yes, cookie dough can be a drug if it’s where you turn, rather than to Jesus, to feel better about yourself.
We have to stop playing the game, “Well, I’m not doing that bad. In fact, compared to the coke head, I’m doing just great.” This mentality leads to a finger pointing that turns people off to Jesus as they see the hypocrisy in our lives. It also means we’re comparing ourselves to the wrong standard. Jesus is the only One we’re to measure our daily decisions by as He is the only source of the ultimate feel good here on this planet and when we leave it.
Guilt is not a Jewish, Roman Catholic or Baptist thing to keep people in line. (Though it’s often used that way!) The Spirit of God uses guilt to get us to stop and take inventory of our lives: Is our way of making decisions and living working? If not, the Spirit hopes we’ll turn around (aka repent) and look to Jesus for what real living is in the here and now.
I admit it. I love chocolate chip cookies, especially right out of the oven. They can be the feel good drug I turn to; but, I also know that the good feeling only lasts for about 30 seconds. Jesus, not chocolate chip cookies, will bring a feel good feeling that will last a lot longer. Thus, I’m willing to let the Spirit use guilt to get me to turn away from anything, and I mean anything, that comes between me and Jesus. How about you?
S“E”t Free Nowww

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