Fail Not a Failure

headache 2The parent’s of Rachel Scott, a 17 year-old martyr for Christ, wrote that Rachel “knew she had failed to be faithful to God, but she did not get frustrated and give up; her flaws helped her remain humble before God and dependent on Him for her sense of balance and satisfaction.”
The pain of failure didn’t cause her to spiral downward, but to become even more dependent on Jesus than before she fell. Pain led to growth.
Recently, I was experiencing headaches and stomach discomfort. I thought it was residual effects from a recent concussion sustained from a surfing accident. Yet, the Lord showed me both were a result of sin in my life. I had forgotten a prior life lesson from the Lord: Jesus doesn’t need me to do anything for Him. He simply wants me to do everything with Him.
I was taking my schedule back again. I was focusing on getting things done rather than the One I was supposed to be doing them with, Jesus, which resulted in stress related headaches and stomach discomfort. If I hadn’t felt both, I wouldn’t have known what I was doing.
Don’t run from your pain (don’t seek it either!), use it to draw closer to Jesus. You fail, but you’re not a failure. You’re an awesome masterpiece of God (Eph. 2:10)!
“S”et Free Nowww

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