Spark World Change Through Spring Cleaning

spark loveJosiah was the last good king Israel/Judah had. In 2 Kings 22-23 Josiah starts reading God’s Word. As he did, he discovered why his northern brethren had been kicked out of the land – all the garbage they had allowed into their lives.
This caused Josiah to get busy. He started by cleaning “the temple of the LORD of all the vessels made for Baal, for Asherah, and for all the host of heaven.” The Bible sanitizes what was going on here, but it was really gross. He then went on to clean up the entire land, both Israel and Judah.
It’s true that Western societies no longer live with a Judeo-Christian worldview. We can lament this fact all we want or we can do something about it; and it won’t be through the ballot box either! Real societal change will start where it did in Josiah’s day with the Temple where God lived.
Want to change the world? It’s time for a little Spring cleaning in our own lives. Want to see revival in the Church? It starts with removing the garbage in our Temples, our hearts and minds.
Psalm 107 repeats the following four times, “Thank the LORD for His steadfast love, for His wondrous works to the children of man!” Our God loves us and wants to be actively involved with our lives, right now, today. He desires to change us so others will see His love and want to experience it for themselves as well.
It’s time to be in and with the Word of God, Jesus. While reading and listening to Him, allow Him to point out and remove the garbage hidden in your heart and mind. Not only, will your life be changed for the better, but who knows, we might even see a revival in the church that could spark a fire of change that could spread over the entire planet.
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