True Center

eye_on_JesusMost of those who’ve been martyred for their belief in Jesus have been ordinary people like you and me. Rachel Scott was such a person. You can read her story in her parent’s book called Rachel’s Tears. I’d like to challenge us with a couple of its entries.
Rachel “was aware of how often she failed to be faithful to God, but she did not get frustrated and give up; her flaws helped her remain humble before God and dependent on Him for her sense of balance and satisfaction.”
She also knew that her security came from “understanding what it means to be in Christ, and significance comes from understanding that the Christian walk is not me being somebody. It’s not me being famous. It’s not me being great. It’s Jesus being Himself in me.”
We all make mistakes…throughout our day, let alone our lives. Will it make us more dependent on ourselves to overcome them or on Jesus living in and through us? Because of what Jesus did for and in us, we are a secure children of God. Will we allow our minds to dwell on our inadequacies or Jesus’ sufficiency?
The moment we put our faith in Jesus life, ceased to be about us and about Him. Rachel was just an everyday girl with everyday struggles like the rest of us. Yet this teenage young woman chose to draw closer to her Jesus; and, is in fact today touching millions of lives for Jesus because of it.
Let’s choose to be Jesus centered rather than, well, the opposite isn’t worth mentioning.
“S”et Free Nowww

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