Don’t Miss His Presence

elephantsI was having my Jesus walk-talk in the middle of an aspen and pine tree filled forest (so there were houses in the middle of it!) with a roaring stream racing down the side of the road with beautiful views of the snow-covered Rocky Mountains when it hit me.
It’s not about how far, fast or what I do on my journey, but who I travel it with. A lot of my stress, thus temptation to take my drugs of choice, comes from being so focused on where Jesus wants me to be and what He wants me to do, all good things, that I miss the point of the journey in the first place…hanging out in His presence.
The Father sent Jesus to this earth to not only pave the way to live in His presence, where true satisfaction and fulfillment are found (Ps. 107:1,9), but to show us how to stay there as well. Jesus is my holiness. He makes me perfect/like Him. Jesus is my righteousness, the ability to do whatever He asks. And, He is my redemption, meaning only He can turn my failures into victory as I try to listen to and follow Him (1 Cor. 1:30).
Who are you choosing to walk this journey called life with? The life you were meant to live is about being with and hanging out with Jesus today, tomorrow and on into eternity. Anyone or anything else leaves you susceptible to your drug of choice, which only leaves you stressed, empty and exhausted. Don’t miss the opportunity to be in His presence today. It sure makes life’s journey much more enjoyable.
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