Growing Pains

growing painThere seems to be a universal truth for all humanity: it takes pain to get us to grow!
This truth hit me like a ton of bricks while reading the Word yesterday. Abraham’s dad had to die to get Abraham to go where God told him to go – Canaan (Gen. 11-12). It took the discipline of a loving Father to get His children (Jn. 1:12) to move closer to Jesus (Heb. 12).
I can get very comfortable with hanging with Jesus, my friend. There are times, though; He will take a step forward, leaving me standing still. Scripture adequately describes the consequences of this choice – discontent and discouragement, which is exactly the opposite of what Jesus promises to those who stay in His presence – joy and peace.
We can choose to stay in our comfort zones with their consequences or use those negative consequences (aka pain) to move closer to Jesus where all the good stuff is found. The choice is ours – grow through our pain or stay in it. I recently choose the path of growth (Gal. 5:25); and hopefully, so will you.
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