Stay Focused

BWVCleopas. Probably not a name you would remember; but, we can learn a lot from him about peace in challenging circumstances.
He and a friend were leaving Jerusalem the day Jesus rose from the grave, which was three days after Jesus was crucified. They were having a discussion that was leaving them visibly shaken and down in the mouth. Their thoughts and words led them down a very dark path that took their emotions with it (Luke 24:13-35).
Why? They had forgotten what Jesus had taught them: He would die and rise three days later. Their disbelief ran so deep that they wouldn’t even believe what Mary Magdalene, Peter and John had told them about seeing Jesus and an empty tomb. They ended up depressed because they forgot what Jesus, the Word of God, had told them.
Scripture tells us that peace reigns when we stay focused on the truths the Spirit gives us in God’s Word. What truths will you focus on today? Now is the time to be in (reading) and with (walking with) the Word of God, Jesus. Your face and heart will look and feel much better if you do.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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