Running But Going No Where

going no whereWe can do good things and still end up in bad places. I recently heard the story of a couple who were leaving the US to live where the pace of life was much much slower. They discovered that most Westerners are running, some real fast, but are going absolutely no where.
This is just as true of believers in Christ as it is for those who are not. Some have bought the lie that busyness leads to godliness. It’s an obedience that can mask true spirituality. “I’m obeying; thus You should be happy with me God!”
I wonder if the reason that we busy ourselves with so many things is that we’re hiding from ourselves and Jesus. Our “get it done” “do more” mentality only hides our insecurity, our sense of insignificance, and our fear of being found unworthy of love if someone really knew us.
Yet, Hebrews 4:13 states that “no creature is hidden from His sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.” He sees where you’re running and it’s not a good place if it is not where and when He’d have you run.
Jesus said His sheep hear His voice and then follow Him. It’s pretty hard to hear His voice, though, if your mind’s pre-occupied with so many things, even good things. Can you slow down? Let me re-phrase that, are you afraid to slow down? Here is an important truth: Jesus knows more about you than you do and still He says He loves you…forever. So stop running and talk a walk with Him today. You don’t validate yourself by what you do, but who you do it with.
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4 thoughts on “Running But Going No Where

  1. If we don’t slow down on our own, God has a tendency to slow us down, one way or another. Everything is better (even this f-ed up grief thing) when we do it with Jesus-He’s the only One who gives any meaning to anything here.

      • yes, they do. the sad thing is, i didn’t set up the brick wall, nor did i need it. however, it isn’t what i think i need, or what i set up, that counts. it’s how God can use what has been placed in my path and how much closer i can walk with Him.

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