Prisoners of our Perspective

digital visualization of goldfishWe’re prisoners inside our own perspective. We only know what we know right now, but what we know might be wrong! Any lie, no matter what it is or how insignificant it may seem, leaves us in prison robbing us of enjoying our walk with Jesus.
The Spirit tells us to destroy strongholds, arguments and every lofty opinion (aka our perspectives) raised against the knowledge of God by taking every thought captive to obedience in Christ (2 Cor. 10:4-5). We are to examine our thinking by being in and with the Word of God (the Spirit can use the people of God speaking the truth in love as well – Eph. 4:15) to break us out of prison.
Ask yourself, “Do I want to be free?” Letting Jesus shine His light into your heart and mind may not be pretty. Could this be another reason why so many believers are afraid to take the time to slow down (see Monday’s Running but Going No Where) and listen to Jesus in His Word and in prayer – they’re afraid of what they might hear, find or discover?
A good friend of mine recently wrote, “Why do we set up different rules (i.e. our perspective) for governing our lives and why does it feel so good, so right, so comfortable? It keeps us in control (seemingly) and from surrendering to God (true repentance)…. We have a better idea of how to live our life’s and that began in the garden and continues today.”
If we want to reap the rewards of being like and enjoying our walk with Jesus, we must be freed from the prison of our own perspectives. I know of what I speak. It’s certainly not easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort to slow down, shut up and listen.
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