Simple Choice, Hard Decision

decisionsI love spending time in and with the Word of God. I get so much out of doing both. And for the most part, it’s quite plain what I need to do after being in it. It’s in the execution of that truth that the decision appears to become hard.
Just recently, the Lord convicted me of how little I ask the Spirit of God for help. It’s almost like I’m expecting to exercise the truth by faith in my own power, rather than in being empowered by the Spirit.
We were never meant to follow Jesus in our own ability or strength. We’d be patting ourselves on the back rather than praising our great and awesome Savior if that were true. In order to become more like and closer to Jesus, we need both the Word and the Spirit of God.
The what is often simple. The how is the difficult part…only if we choose to make it that way. The next decision you face to follow Jesus, ask the Spirit to empower you to exercise the truth He gave you by faith; and then, watch Him work. You’ll definitely have something to give praise for in your next Bible Impact session.
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