Don’t Want to, But Ready to

extinguisherI recently spoke at a Celebration of Life service for a very dear friend. I believe the Spirit had me say to this man’s daughters and wife, because it wasn’t in my notes, “Joe was ready, but he didn’t want to go.” Joe would have loved to stick around to see his much wanted grandkids, but he was ready to depart when Jesus called him home.
I often hear Christians say, “I sure wish Jesus would come back to take us home” in reference to the rapture/home going of the Bride. The context of this statement is usually that they’re tired of living with all the hardships and aches and pains that come with living in this world.
Take it for what’s it worth, but I think Jesus would rather we have Joe’s perspective: We’re ready, but don’t want to go. Jesus loves people and wants  an eternal relationship with them. How will they see Jesus if not through us sticking around, loving and walking with Jesus through the thick and thin of life, and then being ready to share His love with them both verbally and physically?
We know how the world ends. (Read Revelation in case you need a fresh reminder.) Those around us – coworkers, family, friends, the grocery bagger, the cashier at our favorite restaurant – need Jesus! Let’s be ready to go when Jesus calls, but willing to stick around for them to see Jesus in us.
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2 thoughts on “Don’t Want to, But Ready to

  1. Excuse my negativity, PC, but most people wouldn’t know the love of Jesus if He walked up and smacked them in the face (or kissed them on the cheek) with it. I’m tired and discouraged and am one of those who would just love for Jesus to come back right NOW!
    Love you and thank you for allowing my venting. Maybe it will be just a little fuel for someone’s thoughts. 🙂

    • Nothing to excuse; and like I said, walk with Jesus through thick and thin and people will see the real Jesus, not some caricature of Him. Right now, it’s a very thick thick time in your life. He’s walking with you through it, of which many around you are watching. You’re taking away their excuses for not being “kissed” by Jesus. Keep walking. Who knows how many people He’s using you to “smack” some people with His love?

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