Let Go of the Baggage

luggageAt our Gathering this week we discussed 1 Samuel 9 and 10. Saul was from the smallest tribe in Israel, Benjamin, of which his clan was the least important. Despite this auspicious start, God saw something in Saul that Saul didn’t – a king. Isn’t that just like God to take something small and turn it into something big? God not only saw Saul’s potential but He gave Saul a new heart and power source – the Spirit of God.
When it came time for Saul to be named king, however, where do we find Saul? Hiding in the baggage! Saul saw himself as porter, not a king. And throughout Saul’s life, he settled for staying with his baggage, rather than tap into God’s power and who God made him.
God whacked me upside the head with this story. My Father sees the potential He put in me as I am His masterpiece (aka workmanship). He’s given me a new nature, mind and power source as well. I should live in victory throughout each day; and yet, at times I live in the baggage of doubt, which leads to discouragement and defeat.
It’s time to let the baggage go and walk in victory. It’s time to believe what God says about me, rather than what I say about myself. It’s time to faithfully pray toward the fulfillment of what God has told me.
How about you? What baggage are you holding on to that keeps you from becoming who Christ made you? Use your FREEdom tools to hold onto the truths that will set you free from that baggage.
Set “FREE” Nowww

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