Jesus vs. Religion

lightningI was asked, “What’s the difference between religion and Christianity?” There were so many thoughts that came to mind, but I settled on one. Religion is man made and man energized where Christianity starts with Jesus and is empowered by the Spirit to enable us to keep listening to and following Jesus.
What’s interesting is that Christianity can often look like religion. Believers can make up rules to live by that are not found in Scripture and then attempt to carry them out in their own power. They can also listen to Jesus as to how He would have them live each day, and then attempt to carry them out in their own power.
Either way, it all falls on the believer to make things happen, which is one heavy burden to bear! We couldn’t get saved in or by own power and we can’t be sanctified (i.e. become more like Jesus) by it either. It is belief in what Jesus did for us that saves us and it’s the Spirit who gives us the strength to keep following Him (1 Pet. 1:2). Our job? Surrender to that power and walk where He goes.
Want more of Jesus, the source of the eternal good stuff? Stop trying to act like Him and learn how to daily ask for the Spirit to empower your FREEdom tools to be like Him.
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