Keep Walking

maintain walkThis appears to be an abandoned church building, which my wife and I discovered on our trip through the Owens Valley. It’s not really. It was filled with junk from floor to ceiling and probably had someone living it as it had a new electric meter.
Yet, among other things, it had cardboard plugged broken windows, peeling paint, missing steps, and out of control weeds and trees throughout the yard. Left on it’s own, the building was deteriorating. Nature was slowly taking over and would eventually bring this building down as it had with the many other buildings in this town.
This is what happens when believers choose to stop walking in the freedom Christ gives (Galatians 5). Jesus set us free from all the negative consequences of sin. It’s our job with each decision, through the Spirit’s strength, to choose to stand in that freedom and experience all the positives of being in His presence.
If we choose to stand still or go backwards in our Jesus walks, we open the door for our flesh, with it’s old way of thinking, to creep back in, which leads to the return of the old habits of broken windows, pealed paint and out of control weeds.
Each decision to follow Jesus, no matter how small or large, leads to a house that will last forever! Choose to keep walking with Jesus today, even if it’s baby step after baby step.
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