Thankful Not Necessarily Happy

antI saw something most interesting on my prayer walk – an ant carrying a single kernel of wheat. It was almost as big as the ant! I’ll bet that ant was very thankful too. The farmer had just harvested his crop and plowed his fields. The entire crop was gone!
Where would the ant get its food to store for the winter now? Unhappy ant? I don’t think so. I think it was extremely thankful, despite the barren fields.
The farmer had actually done all the heavy “lifting” for the ant. The harvest and the discing machines had separated the kernel from both the stalk and the chaff. All the ant had to do was pick it up and carry it home.
I read once, “You don’t have to be happy to be thankful, but true happiness only grows in a thankful heart.” The ant could focus on the entire crop being gone and been extremely unhappy. Or, it could be thankful for the take away ready kernels and be happy.
We don’t have control over all our circumstances, but we do have full control over whether we’ll be thankful or not. Stop complaining, which only takes you toward a frown (and your drug or sin of choice). Instead, remember who Jesus is, what He can do, and all that He is doing in you. It will put a smile on your face, just like the ant’s.
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