It Hurts so Good

ouchEven doing the right thing hurts. “How so?” you may be asking. In current Western culture, “right” has become relative to someone’s feelings or opinions, even if neither are based in fact. Right to one person may be perceived as wrong and even distasteful to another. Even if everyone is on the same page, though, some may not like what happens to them when you do the right thing.
Sound like an impossible situation? It all depends on who you’re listening to and who you’re trying to please. At the end of the day, you only have control over your choices and there is only one person you need to please, Jesus.
Your choice to follow Jesus can hurt, as people may not like you or what you do. Your choice to follow Jesus may hurt your head, as it most likely will go against your normal thinking patterns. If you must hurt, though, at least make it for doing something right – like listening to and following Jesus. As you do, you’ll become more like Him and taste the good stuff He offers to those who do.
You don’t get to choose how others will react. But you can choose the outcome of how you’ll feel when you see that smile on Jesus’ face.
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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