You Don’t Have to Like It!

shield-492992_640The Hebrew word for stiff necked means to be dense! Some of the definitions for dense mean to be hard to penetrate (like getting what God is asking me to do into my thick skull) and slow to comprehend (once it’s there, it sure takes a while to get it…doesn’t it?).
I guess I’m worse than the biblical Israelites than I thought. I put what God says into my head. I understand what He’s asking me to do. I just have a difficult time getting myself to do it!
Then I came across a military saying, “You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.” Why? You trust what your superiors are asking you to do is in your and your teammates best interests as you’ll be going into battle together. It’s the same with believers in Jesus.
Jesus said, “If you love Me, you’ll obey Me.” There’s that trust all over again. He’s not saying you’ll understand everything He says to do, or even like it, but you’ll do it because you love Him. You believe what He’s asking you to do will make your life and the lives of those you’re going into battle with better.
Trust. It’s never easy, but it’s always best. Today exercise the truth by faith Spirit empowered even if you don’t like it. You’ll be glad you did.
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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