Exercising Faith is Scary!

stormy weatherI was thinking about Peter and his water walking experience. He was afraid. He thinks he saw a ghost, but heard Jesus’ voice. He ventures, “If it’s You, tell me to get out of the boat,” which is exactly what happened.
He was doing what Jesus told His disciples then and now to do, “Listen and follow Me.” Will it take faith to get out of our comfort zones, no matter how scary those comfort zones actually are? You bet it will.  Now, here is the crucial question. If you fail in the follow through of what you heard Jesus say, like Peter did, will you get out of the boat next time?
Two chapters later, Peter is out of the boat…again! Peter heard God tell Him who Jesus was, the Messiah (Matt. 16:17). When asked, he blurted it out. He heard God speak and acted on that intel.
You will get better at hearing the voice of God and then at getting out of the boat. Don’t waste time beating yourself up over past failures, no matter how that sinking feeling overwhelms you at times. Walking on water is wonderful. You get to be with Jesus and experience Him in ways the disciples before you did.
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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