The Bare Truth

IsaiahWhatever Adam and Eve wore when first entering the garden (Gen. 2:25) or Job wore when exiting his mother’s womb (Job 1:21), Isaiah walked around in Isaiah 20. In other words, God asked Isaiah to literally walk around without clothes and shoes for all to see…for three years!
Crazy, but why? Two reasons were given. One, it was to show what was going to happen to both Egypt and Cush when Assyria attacked them. And two, it exposed the fallacy of trusting those two peoples, rather than God Himself, for one’s physical protection.
People often ask God, “Why is this happening to me?” The answer at times is, “Does it matter?” I know that sounds harsh, but Isaiah might have thought so as well. Sometimes what happens in our lives has nothing to do with us. God could simply be using the life He already owns, ours, to teach others about Him.
If Jesus is truly Lord, does He not have the right to ask anything He wants of us, even if it sounds really crazy? Like Isaiah, Jesus did what He did, not because He deserved to be humiliated, but because God wanted to save others from humiliation.
Will we submit like Jesus did in Gethsemane so that we might live? What Jesus may ask of you might sound crazy, but it could be exactly what others need to find true life in Him.
Set Freā€œEā€ Nowww

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