Right Tools – Humorous Story

toolsYou’re going to laugh at this one. Our 3 year-old car battery warranty was surpassed by two years when it finally died today. I knew I was going to exchange it at the store, but I got distracted and forgot to bring the few simple tools I’d need to make the exchange.
Well, we get to the store without the tools to discover that it was going to be a hour-and-a-half wait for a 5 minute job. What did I do? Wait was not in my vocabulary! So we could be on our way sooner, I purchased the battery and an inexpensive set of tools to do the job that didn’t work for this particular job! Here’s the funny part,though. By the time we purchased the wrong tools and the right battery, the service bay became available to do it for us! Ugh!
I hate life lessons, don’t you? Distractions keep us from getting the right tools for each decision we have to make throughout our day. Impatience then makes us use the wrong tools to make those decisions.
Quoting just any Scriptural verse will not solve your challenges. You need the right biblical truth/tool for each job/decision. As you spend time with and in the Word, you’ll get the biblical tools you need, the wisdom to know which ones to use, and the power to implement them. As you do, you’ll experience the freedom Jesus came to bring, which in this case was spending more money for tools I didn’t need!
S“E”t Free Nowww

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