Ultimate Time Wasters

time wastersShame. Embarrassment. Guilt. Feeling stupid. Kicking yourself. All of these can be extreme time wasters. They keep you away from being with Jesus and doing the “stuff” He created you to do, which makes you feel just the opposite.
Once you feel any of these, ask, “Spirit, is there any sin I need to confess?” If so, don’t waste time. Get forgiveness now! When asked, Jesus will forgive you, end of story. (1 John 1:9) He will not hesitate. Therefore, why waste time on these emotions, which only keep you down? Get forgiveness and your mind again focused on Jesus to experience His grace, mercy, peace and love.
We were given the right to do this the moment we became secure children of God through faith in Jesus’ death on the cross. Sure we don’t deserve it, but that’s why it’s called grace! Stop wasting time feeling like garbage and start feeling His peace and love again, which is what you really want, right?
“S”et Free Nowww

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