Save Yourself Embarrassment

rocky soilJesus tells a parable of the seed and soil. One is rocky. The seed takes root, but it withers under the summer heat due to shallow soil. This is a wonderful picture of it. Imagine more rocks and less soil. With more rocks, where could the seed germinate, sinks its roots and then grow strong enough to withstand heat?
Life’s heat and dry times should not rattle a believer! In fact, Scripture says we should expect them. These dry and hot times should not make us wilt. Instead, they should force us to remove the rocks in our lives allowing our roots to go deeper into Jesus.
Mark 4:17 says that when this type of believer is persecuted for Jesus’ name, they do scandalous things (“are offended” KJV). Romans 9:33 even calls Jesus a “rock of offense”. What is offensive or hard for you to believe about or from Jesus that you’re unwilling to let Him change your life and drive your roots deeper to withstand persecution?
If you want to never embarrass yourself through your choices/scandalous actions, under the heat of stress, take the hard stuff Jesus is asking of you and let it take deep root into your heart through exercising that truth by faith Spirit empowered, rather than allowing it to crowd Him out.
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