Struggle Well

waitingThis might not look like much, but it’s a plant breaking through the soil. I noticed it a couple of days ago and have been watching ever since. It’s so hard not to push the soil away to see what it is.
However, God doesn’t need my help to do His job. He designed the growth process for that plant. If He thought getting through the soil faster would be best, He would have designed it so.
A friend of mine recently texted, “I’m trying to let God work, but He’s so slow!” Doesn’t this sum up quite well how we all feel? We all want our struggles to cease…yesterday. We desire our God to answer this second. We want the pain, from emotional to spiritual, to end right now.
Yet, do we trust the One who designed the life change process (Set Free Nowww)? Do we believe He knows tomorrow as well as today? Do we have the faith that breaking through the hard soil of our old character, no matter how difficult that may be, will produce the fruit of Christ-like character?
It’s so easy to trust God when we’re tasting the fruit of a changed life, which makes our lives so much sweeter. Real trust, however, comes during the struggle. Real trust is when we don’t intervene in God’s process, either in our lives or in those we see struggling.
Let the Father be God who sees well down the road. Let Jesus’ finished work on the cross do its job. And let the Spirit walk us and them through that struggle to a fruit bearing Christ-like life.
Struggle well my friends by trusting the God who designed the life change process set out in Scripture. Yes, it takes time. The sweet taste of a change life is well worth the wait and struggle.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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