There’s No Comparison

difference - bell peppersThe following popped up on my computer’s start-up screen: 110 million PC users can’t be wrong. Yes they can! I purposefully bought a computer that allowed me to use an older operating system. It fit my needs and purposes much better than the newer versions.
110 million people can be wrong! My mom used to tell my brothers and me, “Just because your friends are jumping off the cliff doesn’t mean you have to follow them!” (As know-it-all smart alec kids we’d respond, “Of course we would!” Kids reading this: don’t follow this advice. It got us into further trouble then as it will you now.)
Playing the follow-the-leader game is a dangerous if the leader isn’t thinking about what’s best for each person. Playing the comparison game can be a joy stealer, discouragement bringer and depression starter because you’re comparing yourself with the wrong person!
The only person we are to compare ourselves with is Jesus. The only person’s opinion we should care about is Jesus’. The only leader we should follow is Jesus Himself. He is the only source for all we’re looking for in life today, tomorrow and into eternity.
Watch yourself today. Who are you listening to? Following? Comparing yourself with? Use your FREEdom tools to filter out everyone so you can stay focused on the only One who brings true freedom – Jesus.
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