Get the Root!

weedI sure the love the fruit of my labors (pun intended). Sometimes, though, the work to get it is not so fun – weeding. Weeds suck up precious water and minerals from the soil that my fruit trees need to produce luscious and tasty fruit.
Sometimes I can pull the weed out by hand and other times I must use a hand tool. Why? There are times the weed breaks off in my hand leaving part of the root in the ground. This looks pretty good from an aesthetic point of view. I only see and smell the fragrant oranges. Yet, I know the weed will eventually return as part of the root remains.
This truth came home the other day. The Lord showed me I had stopped short in my thinking. I thought the Spirit had gotten to the root of a certain behavior, but it took additional failing to see the lie He was extracting from my brain. Praise Jesus for His love to go deeper! And I thank God for His grace and mercy that gave me room to fail forward.
Jesus didn’t come to add new behaviors to me, but to replace me with Him. Adding new behaviors only makes me look good for the moment. Replacing me with Him by removing the root thought lasts for eternity.
Instead of sweating the process, surrender to it. The tasty fruit is worth the effort.
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