Not All Voices Equal

voicesSports radio is covering the issue. Talk radio is debating it. Politicians throw it around like a beach ball. While university presidents must bow to it. What’s everyone talking about? It’s the belief that everyone has a voice; and thus, should be heard.
It doesn’t matter what one says, they should be heard, believed and acted on. Yet, I know this is going to cause some to cringe, but this belief is out and out false, a flat out lie. Think about it for a moment. Satan and his cohorts have voices. Should they be heard, let alone be listened to and acted on?
Yes, everyone has a voice. But is what they’re saying true? Anyone with an opinion and a willingness to loudly proclaim it has power in today’s age of political correctness. What if, however, their opinion is not based on fact, but instead on innuendo, assumption or worse deception (their stated facts are knowingly not facts)?
I bring this up for one reason. Those who make up Jesus’ church have a nasty habit of letting culture set their standard for belief and action rather than Jesus and His Word. Words and opinions not based in truth allowed to hang around in our brains can destroy our lives. You give power to those whom you listen.
Who are you giving power to – those who speak truth that lead to freedom or those who speak lies that lead to bondage? In Christ, you have the power to choose which voices have power in your life. Keep adding to and using your biblical filter to screen out all voices but Jesus’ – your Freedom Fighter and Redeemer. Only His voice has no equal.
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