Out on a Limb

handBeing out on a limb is scary business, especially when your enemy has a saw in his hand! There. I said it. I’m a little nervous, maybe even a little afraid, at the moment.
I believe God has told me to wait upon Him to act. It’s deadline is fast approaching too. When He does I’m supposed to take a certain step. He even asked me to tell a few people the specifics, which means I’m out on that limb. What if I’m wrong? It feels a little lonely out here right now hanging in the wind.
It would have been no big deal if I had kept it to and simply prayed for it by myself. Who would have known if I was wrong or hadn’t heard? But Jesus had me crawl out onto this limb. Why? Faith is not faith without risk. Faith is not faith without action. Faith is not faith if it’s already reality. Faith is based in hope. At least that’s what Hebrews 11:1 says anyway.
I’m not afraid of being wrong. The Lord knows I’ve been wrong before! This time, however, my stupidity could be broadcasted before quite a few people, which I’m only expanding now. Ugg. But how could I not attempt to follow Jesus by taking His hand?
I’ve never done this before in this blog, but I’m doing it now. I guess I have to practice what I teach – walking with other believers. Fellow walkers, please pray for me to stay focused on Jesus’ hand and not the limb! You know, it’s a pretty tiny limb.
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4 thoughts on “Out on a Limb

  1. Chris, you know that Jesus is at the center of everything you do. He’s all that really ultimately matters. Our family sees you as a man anointed by the Holy Spirit, and He cares for you. When you’ve lost as much as we have lately, you realize all of life is a limb, so why stress? We love you. But Jesus loves you SO much more. 🙂

    • Thank you for your encouraging and truthful words. Wherever He goes I want to be. Still filtering out that performance mentality!

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