Wake-up Call

rooster crowThe world scene is pretty crazy right now to say the least. And those who call themselves Christians are being affected, some killed, by what’s going on. One commentator said, “America has been given one big wake-up call.” What’s happening in Europe and the Middle East could be coming to the US.
How will you know how you’ll handle persecution? Take a look at the soil of your heart.
Jesus said in Mark 4 there are four soils or conditions of mankind’s heart. One of them is rocky soil. This person did great as long as there were good times and Jesus was bestowing blessings on them. Yet they wilted when hard times and persecution came.
The only way to stand strong during the heat of battle is to remember who Jesus is and what He has already done in your life. Romans 5:3-5 states that hope starts with suffering as it produces endurance that turns into character which ends in hope. If you let your roots go deeper into Jesus, which means exercising the truths Jesus gives you by faith Spirit empowered, your life will be changed.
First hand experience of a changed life is what will see you through persecution. You saw Him use hard times to make your life better before. He can do it again, even when the heat’s turned up. Use this wake-up call to your advantage. Believers are not immune to persecution, but they can be prepared for it.
Set Fre”E” Nowww

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