Ready for Rain

soilsI discovered something about Jesus’ parable of the 4 soils and the 1 seed in Mark 4 on my walk-talk with Jesus today. I live around farmland that has all four soils. The hard soil is called a path around the farm made by vehicles driving and people walking over it. When the rains come, the drops of water hit the hard soil it just as much as it does the good soil. Yet, the rain only makes the hard soil harder while enriching the good soil. It’s the same rain, same seed, but entirely different results.
Seeds and soil need rain to produce crops, everyone knows this. Yet Jesus is talking about the human condition – the heart – as it relates to Him. You determine what the soil of your heart will be when the rains come.
You determine whether fruit will come out in your life, not Jesus, by choosing to become good soil. Will you let those who have walked over you in the past determine your joy today? Will you drive your roots deep into Jesus so when persecution comes your joy remains? Will you focus on the cares of the world or pull those choking weeds out in the Spirit’s power to focus on Jesus?
It’s your choice. Same rain. Same seed. The results are yours to decide. Decide today to surrender to the Spirit and let Him do His job of making you more like Jesus, the seed that bears much tasty fruit.
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