Simply God

GodJohn the Baptist said, “He who comes from heaven is above all.” It’s a simple, yet loaded statement. John was losing supporters to this new Rabbi at an alarming rate…and he was okay with it!
One of the reasons he gave in John 3:22-36 was that the new Rabbi was God. People should be listening to and following Him.
Why should you? For the same reason, Jesus is God. DON’T run by that statement. Of course He is; and yet, why do we act like He isn’t?
Seriously, what does it mean that Jesus is God? Jesus fans keep godhood to themselves. They thank Jesus for what He did, but keep the controls of their life. Why listen to and follow those from below, including ourselves; is our track record really that good? Jesus followers give Jesus control of their daily decisions because He is above all, and has proven Himself more than worthy to be followed.
Make 2016 a year of simply letting Jesus be your God by filtering all thoughts through Him and His Word and then through the Spirit’s becoming more like Jesus with each decision.
Se“T” Free Nowww

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